Thursday, 11 February 2010

How To Get A Scholarship?

Some friends approached and asked me this question lately, and to be honest I don't have the exact answer :D. I got the scholarship for my postgraduate degree now by grace, and of course miracle (don't ask how miraculous it is :p). I know that if God wants me to pursue this degree, He will open the way, and He did it. Not by might, not by my power, not that I'm so smart (but I'm smart though, hehe), but by the Spirit of God. He is so faithful and gracious. But apart from this fact, there are some points that I want to share, and these are true for me. Hope it will be useful for those of you who seek for answer.

First, have faith in God. If in this case you're not a believer, don't worry, your heart will find a way to believe. Otherwise, He will find a way to give a call to your heart :).
So, here is the truth I long to share :

" Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened" (Mat 7:7)

I called it M77, easy to remember huh? Let's break it down

1. Ask --> ask in prayer to the Lord, Abba Father who possesses everything in the universe. Ask in Jesus name, with a pure heart. But apart from this, have an intimate relationship with Him, I mean..not only approaching Him when we have some petitions to ask for. Imagine you have a friend who barely talk to you, then suddenly one day come to you with a bunch of sweet words because he/she wants something from you. what's your reaction?
Well, keep in mind that our Father in heaven is a good father, He will not give you stone if you ask for bread.

2. Seek --> don't just daydream that someday you will fly to a nice country and study in a popular university abroad on a scholarship. Seek! there's a technology called internet today. There are heaps of information about available scholarships in many different university with various choices. Try google search engine. If you have found one or more potential scholarships as you desired, dig more information about that, and read carefully the requirements.

3. Knock --> I'm sure there is a long inevitable bureaucracy that you have to proceed. Do not hesitate to knock on the door, including your Academic referees' door if you need some references from them. Passport, visa, transcript, certificate, and english proficiency test are other doors that you have to knock on. There are some other doors that you might still need to knock on; you will find them on your way, don't worry... just knock on them. knock..knock..knock.., til they open the door. I, myself had to wait patiently in front of my Faculty Dean's door in order to get my transcript....and that day was D-1 of the latest scholarship application submission. But in the end..., you know the story :)

Well, that's my experience. Yours could be different. And the M77 can be applied in any situations, not only in scholarship pursuit of course. May be you've been waiting for a job, soulmate, healing, etc, but I hope you can get the point. Just have faith, and put your hope in the One who is unshakeable. And at last,,,, whatever the result is, keep on rejoicing in The Lord, and give praise with a grateful heart. Good luck!

PS. feel free to share your story here if you're in this pursuit :)

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