Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Daddy's girl

I always enjoy spending my time with my Dad. Yes, I’m my daddy’s girl. He loves to involve me in his activities; from gardening, feeding our fish in the pond, delivering fish to customers (my dad run a small business in fishery), doing a sudoku puzzle (random), to catching up with his old friends (though i don’t know them). He enjoyed my companion, and I enjoyed his. He also taught me how to drive and encourage me to be brave. When I did something wrong, he warned me. But if I did something right, he gladly praise me and said he was proud of me. Although I don’t have any job yet, my Dad was still proud of me and didn’t feel ashamed when he met his friends and introduced his ‘jobless’ daughter to them. It makes me pondering, my Dad just proud of me for who I am, not only for my achievements.

I’m so blessed I have this beautiful relationship with my earthly Dad. It helps me to have a great relationship with my heavenly Father as well. My earthly Dad is a great Dad, but God, my heavenly Father is even more... He is the best.