Thursday, 14 July 2011


2 years might be too short, but it was also quite a long period of time
too short because I had lots of fun
too short because I was surrounded by lovely, godly people
too short because I had lots of things to do
too short because I enjoyed every moments at church
and was expectant
too short because so many exciting things happened all the way
too short because  I had amazing adventures
too short because I got so many things to learn

but then I realize, it was quite a long period of time
when I see certain  things have changed
I know, so many things could happen in 2 years
I encounter some new buildings which weren’t there when I left
new roads have been built
new celebrities on TV
new songs in church services
and so on

And of course,,,people could change a lot in 2 years
Yes, they do
My baby nephew now goes to school, while the other is able to walk
Some friends got married, and some have kids already
Those I met weren’t the same people I used to know
A geographical distance is transformed into an emotional distance
People have different priorities
And I feel we’re just  not in the same page anymore

I realize, certain things do change, certain things have to change
But one thing I know would never change
Jesus remains the same; yesterday, today, and forever......faithful. Amen!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Lesson from babysitting my nephew - Obedience-

I spent my past 2 months babysitting my 4 and a half yrs old nephew. He is a smart, sweet, funny, and cute kid. But sometimes we (his parents and I) were made upset because of his rebellious attitude. Well, you know...he's just a kid. Whenever we told him not to, he always does the opposite. When he wants something, he just couldn't understand the meaning of "wait!". He wouldn't take "no" for an answer, and everything has to be fulfilled "now!" as he wishes. And of course, if we don't fulfill what he asks, he will cry, whine, scream, and probably throw his toys on us. When we explain the reason why we forbid him to do this and that, why we can't give him what he wants at the moment, and that it's all for his own sake, etc...., he just don't want to know.Well...., he's just a kid. However, we still love him no matter how he is. But of course it saddened us when he become a disobedient kid.