Friday, 28 October 2011

Saatnya cari kerja'h!

yaaakkkk......masa ManTab (makan tabungan-red) sudah harus segera diakhiri
kalo tangki bensin, skalanya dari ijo dah mulai ke kuning dan hampir mendekati merah nih.
berhubung tabungan dah mulai menipis, saatnya saya mencari kerja, yuuhuuuu....
gile, koq baru sekarang gw mikir nyari kerja ya?hahaha
kemaren kemane aje neng?? (^_^)

but, I will just take it easy
gw gak mau stress, apalagi desperate dalam masa2 mencari kerja, pe-de aja lagi'h
tapi jgn salah, kepercayaan diri gw bukan karena gw punya gelar loh, melainkan gw percaya somehow Tuhan dah sediakan pekerjaan yg udah di-customize buat gw
there's nothing to do with my title, well may be just a little
kenapa gw belom kerja jg setelah kurang lebih tujuh bulan pulang ke tanah air?
pertama, memang belom ada pekerjaan yg sesuai dgn hati nurani (ceileeeehhhh, gaya lo!)
tapi emang bener, men! gw gak mau kerja cuman gara-gara butuh duit, butuh gajinya.
dan alhasil emang gw gak nemu2 pekerjaan yg sesuai, hahaha. soalnya I'm not interested in the jobs I'm qualified for, and I'm not qualified for the jobs I'm passionate about, hehehe
kedua, ijazah gw baru dateng last week (^_^). yg terakhir ini alesan aja sih
Eniwei, apapun alesannya, I enjoyed this season. Season of nganggur but banyak acara (pengacara), season of kondangan, ngumpul-ngumpul sama keluarga, kumpul-kumpul sama temen lama, season of nonton tipi, maen game, tidur sepuasnyaa (parahhhhh), hahaha =D, and of course yg lbh penting adalah season of trusting God and keep holding on to His words, His promises, although I see nothing. 
so, buat kamu-kamu yg lagi cari kerja juga, take it easy, men (and women =D)! tetep semangat, nanti pasti dapet juga koq....
Inget, kerja itu gak cuman buat gaji, but how you can impact the life of other people, and glorify God.
God bless!

Saturday, 15 October 2011


After a looooong season of selah, here I am in the crossroads again
There's a decision I have to make, a step I have to take
The traffic lights will soon turn from red to green
I have to move..........

I couldn't afford making a wrong turn, because re-routing is sometimes costly, painful, and it's wasting the time. Like the children of Israel. They could've been at their destination in 40 days, but they spent 40 years in the dessert. No way, I don't want to spend 40 years wandering around in the dessert :D.
The only way I can choose the right turn is to ask the One who knows the route of my life, the one and only, my Maker, God Almighty.
But I don't want to just ask Him to give me the map, I want Him to be my Guide.

Thanks God for Holy Spirit, my constant companion
I believe I'll never get lost as long as I let Him be my Guide
and I give my ears to listen to His instructions,
because His word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path

Then I also realize this thing:
I could spend my whole life trying to find God's perfect will in every step that I have to take (e.g what He wants me to do, where He wants me to go, what kind of job/ministry He wants me to do, whom He wants me to be married to, how much money should I give, etc.). But if I fail to realize that to find Him and know Him intimately are the greatest treasures ever, all my searching will be meaningless.

So, my point is........intimacy with God is the answer. We won't be confused in the crossroad, we won't be worried in the storm, and we won't lose hope in the valley if we have a relationship with Jesus, because we know Him so well. 
Well, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ....let us draw near to Him. God bless....

Tuesday, 11 October 2011 best friends :)

¡Hola! te presento a mis amigos

These are my two favourite and best friends who have been faithfully accompanied me during this season................, 

Meet this gorgeous dog. His name is MOPI

Mopi is approximately 5 (human) years old. I don't know what breed he is, but he looks so much alike his dad. His (late) mom, was our dog, and was actually the cute tiny little one with long hair, and round eyes, but I guess his dad's gene prevails. His dad was just a random dog in our neighborhood.

Mopi likes to bark whenever he sees a stranger approaching our house. Well, he also barks when he sees people just walk pass our house though. So, he always barks when there is a guest coming. But once he knows that this guest is welcomed by us, he will stop barking and then sit down nicely under the table, eavesdropping whatever my dad and the guest are talking about (as if he know what they're talking about).

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Forgiveness vs Betrayal

I saw a tweet from a famous speaker some weeks ago, it's about forgiveness. The tweet was pretty much sounds like this : "everyone thought that forgiveness is always a great idea until the day they have to forgive". Hmmmm....., what do you think?

I always thought that forgiveness is a great idea, whether or not I have to forgive someone at that moment. I always thought that to forgive is easy, because I know I have been freely forgiven by Jesus Christ. I always easily forgive someone who did wrong to me, and easily forget someone else's fault. I have even counseled so many people and told them to forgive. 

Yes, I have always thought that to forgive is easy, until I was betrayed by my own best friends. That was hard for me, because best friends are the people I share my inner life with. I don't need to tell the whole story, but the point is I've just discovered that they have been lied to me and I have been betrayed. It was hurt when someone you trusted has lied to you. Well, I refer "they" here as 2 persons, each with different case, story, and timeline.

But, I still want to choose to forgive. It has been easy for me to forgive back then, why would it be so much different now just because they are my close friends? So, let love and forgiveness prevail. I forgive you, my friends......, just as Jesus has forgiven all my sins.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

It is not good for man to be alone

Sorry, most of this article is written in Bahasa Indonesia, and it's not about finding the right life-partner :D

Sengaja judulnya itu, soalnya pasti mengundang perhatian kamyu-kamyu yang lagi mencari pewahyuan ato sekedar seneng baca sesuatu yang berbau Teman Hidup :D.

Who doesn’t know that famous scripture? Hayo ngacung yang belom pernah denger ayat ini!!!!
“It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him (Genesis 2:18, NLT)”.

Yup, kita sering mendengar kutipan ayat tersebut kalo orang lagi bicara soal teman hidup. But this time, my friend, I will share and unfold something bigger than just finding-the-right-partner context. Eitss..., jangan kecewa dulu. If you bear with me, you will uncover something greater. So, are you ready???

Monday, 3 October 2011

Dunia sudah terbalik - A Relationship Paradigm

Dunia emang sudah kebalik gak karuan, ato mungkin orang-orang nganggepnya itu normal tapi cara pandang gue yg  terbalik dari mereka punya. No wonder, I don’t want to compromise to the ways of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of my mind. Nah, sekarang coba liat sendiri, bener gak dunia ini sudah upside-down downside-up gak karuan regarding relationship: 
Unmarried couples keep having sex, while married couples stop having one.
Unmarried couple (yg baru pacaran doank) banyak mengumbar romantisme (baik physical maupun emotional lewat kata, such as “i love u, miss u, need u, want u, etc.”), sementara married couple malah diem-dieman, dingin-dinginan, no more flame.
Angka perceraian kian meningkat, even a christian couple is not fireproof. 
And the world said, that's common, that's normal.