Sunday, 11 April 2010

Macaroni Schotel

I want to share a recipe this time....
Seems like so many people happened to arrive in this article either accidentally or on purpose, so I'll try to re-write it in English.
Well...this is one of my favourite food:). I called it macaroni schotel, or baked macaroni and cheese.

Ingredients :
- 250 gr macaroni
- 250 gr minced beef
- 8 chicken eggs
- 150 ml fresh milk
- 200 gr (or as desired) mix of parmesan, cheddar, and mozarella cheese (grated). You might also find it in supermarket sold as pizza cheese.
- 100 gr cream cheese
- 1 onion, diced
- 2 garlic, diced
- salt
- pepper (powder and flakes).
- butter
- canola/vegetable oil

Cooking instructions :
- Cook macaroni in boiled water. Add some salt and diced garlic to make it more tasty. Drain afterwards.  
- Pour small amount of oil into a pan, stir fry diced onion and garlic until they smell good, then add the minced beef. Cook it well, add salt and pepper (powder) as desired.
- After the minced beef well-cooked, add cream cheese, continue stirring for about 3 minutes, then turn the stove off.
- In the meantime, pre-heat the oven to 180 degree Celcius
- Mix the macaroni, minced beef, and 100 gr of the grated cheese into a big bowl, stir thoroughly, add pepper (flakes) as desired 

- Prepare the baking pan, spread a thin layer of butter on its surface.

- Fill the baking pan with the macaroni-minced beef mixture, about half of its depth.
- In another bowl, whisk all eggs, mix it with fresh milk, stir well.
- Pour this eggs-milk mixture into the baking pan until the first layer of the macaroni mixture soaked.
- Add the grated cheese on top of this soaked macaroni to make a layer of cheese.
- Add the rest of macaroni mixture on top of it, then pour the egg-milk mixture to soak all of the macaroni
- Lastly, spread the rest of the grated cheese all over the surface to make another layer of cheese on top.
- Bake it for about 45 minutes until its colour is golden-brownish 

PS. Hot chili sauce or tomato sauce will be a great partner for this baked macaroni.  

Bon appetit! :)



  1. Looks good! Do you have a pic of the sliced portion?

  2. Thank you for the recipe...

    Grew up we used to have Macaroni Schotel. I have not hear or even eat this dish anymore since I moved to USA. My grandmother always made this dish, Macaroni Schotel is a "must" on our Christmas lunch table. Tomorow is our company Christmas party, we were asked to bring our favorite dish from childhood. I thought this dish would be perfect one. I am going to try to make this dish tonight.

    So thank you again Rosalia, Merry Christmas...May your Christmas be wrapped with joy and tied with love. Ella Gray

    1. Hi Ella, thanks for dropping by. Geezz...I haven't checked my blog for ages, so I have just read your comment. Well, hope you had a great Christmas last year :)and enjoyed the dish from your childhood.
      Macaroni Schotel is always be my favourite dish too coz I'm a cheese and meat lover.
      Be blessed!

  3. translete dunk, pleaseeee...

  4. I cooked it last night and it came out exactly the same and very yummy too, thank you soo much