Friday, 26 March 2010

A moment of destiny

Once upon an ordinary day, a teenage shepherd boy was requested by his Dad to bring some sandwiches to his brothers in the front line of battle. When he arrived in the battlefield, he saw terrified armies of Israel taunted by a giant. Fearlessly, he come forth and face this giant when nobody else had courage to stand. He came in the name of his God, and with a slingshot he defeated his enemy. That day was his moment, a shepherd boy who later become King David.

Once upon another ordinary day, a girl came down to the spring with a jar on her shoulder. It's just her routine to take water from the spring for the daily needs of her father's household. That day was her moment. Unexpectedly, a stranger came to her and asked for some water for him and his camels. Then she drew water from the spring and liberally give them water to drink until they were satisfied. She didn't know that this stranger man is happened to be a servant of Abraham, her future father in law who later bring her to Isaac, her soulmate. Rebekah, this ordinary girl who used to draw water from the spring, then become a mother of a promised nation.

A young prince of a big kingdom ran away from his palace after murdering someone. Then living for years as an ordinary shepherd who works for his father in law. Once upon another ordinary day, when he was tending the flock of his father in law, to the far side of the desert and came to mountain of God, he saw an extraordinary thing : the burning bush but did not burn up. When he drew closer, that was his moment, that was when he first encounter God, his Creator, who give him a divine calling, to deliver God's chosen nation out of slavery. Moses, with a staff on his hand, do the miraculous things on behalf of God, and bring Israel out of slavery.

If David refused his Dad's request and said, "Dad, I don't feel like bringing these sandwiches to my brothers, could you just send someone else?", he might miss his moment and would've never been promoted into the Kingdom. If that day Rebekah said to her Dad, " Dad, what about if today you just ask my brother instead, coz I don't feel like going to the spring, it's too far, and today is just bloody hot". She might miss her moment and never meet her awesome husband. If Moses was too lazy to tend his father in law's flock that day, he might miss his moment as well, and wouldn't encounter the presence of God. But thanks God that those people were being obedient to God and to the authority upon them, so that they fulfilled what they're called to be and shaped the history.

What about you?what about me? have we ever missed any moment of destiny because of disobedience?
Who knows, today may be your moment
Who knows, extraordinary thing will happen in your another ordinary day
Just keep being faithful on what we are entrusted,
and submit ourselves to the authority that God has placed upon us.
who is your moment of destiny

Be blessed


  1. thx 4 sharing this kk, i'm blessed!! :D
    and i'm hopeful, extraordinary thing will happen in my another ordinary day, hohoho :D

  2. Hi Rosalia, the above two removed comments were from me...I apologized for making the comment board look messy. The above comments were meant to say the following....

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  3. Hi roadtrip, sorry for a slow reply. Feel free to repost it. Hope it will bless a lot of people