Saturday, 10 April 2010

I'll see you in the Horizon....

I still remember the time when we're looking at the horizon,
gazing upon the line where heaven and earth meet.
how grateful we are,
for we are loved by the King
how marvelous are His workmanship

I still remember the time when we walked down those streets
where stories and dreams revealed
that's the first, and could be the last

The time will come, when I have to say goodbye
don't know.....will I see you again
unless the Master of miracle makes a way
but whatever will be
I know I can be so sure
that you're in the Arms of the Everlasting Love
our refuge and strength

just thank God for the friendship we have
hope it will last forever
bound by a divine connection
though divided by thousands miles

whenever I miss you
I will look at the horizon
the line where heaven and earth collide
there.... I will see you.................



  1. pirikitiwwwwwwwww...............

  2. ikut2an ka julee aahhh...prikitiwwwwww so sweet kk :D

  3. eeeee....koq prikitiw2 aje kalian, ini kan ceritanya sendu2, sok2 mellow...:p
    thanks for reading anyway